Module 4 Test

1. With a score of 7 for simplification and 5 for directness, what is the trait score for the evaluated trait Efficiency?
(Ketika skor Simplification 7 dan Directness 5, maka berapakah skor untuk evaluated trait Efficiency?)

2. With dignity 4, diplomacy 7 and objectiveness 5, what is the trait score for Poise?
(Ketika skor Dignity 4, Diplomacy 7, dan Objectiveness 7, maka berapakah skor Poise?)

3. With directness 1 and frankness 2, what is the score for Clarity of Expression?
(Ketika skor Directness 1 dan Frankness 2, maka berapakah skor Clarity of  Expression?)

4. With fluidity 8 and talkativeness 7, what is the trait score for Verbal Facility?
(Ketika skor Fluidity 8 dan Talkativeness 7, maka berapakah skor untuk Verbal Facility?)

5. With acquisitiveness 8 and withdrawal 9, what is the score for Selfishness?
(Ketika skor Acquisitiveness 8 dan Withdrawal 9, maka berapakah skor Selfishness?)

6. On the Vocational Analysis Form, what is the intensity range for:
(Pada Vocational Analysis Form, berapakah rentang dari)

  1. low scores :
  2. average scores :
  3. high scores :

7. How do you determine Syndrome scores?
(Bagaimana cara Anda menentukan Syndrome Score?)

8. What is the difference in determining Syndrome scores 1 – 8 and Syndrome Score 9?
(Dimanakah letak perbedaan dalam menentukan skor Syndrome 1 – 8 dengan  skor Syndrome 9?)

9. How do you determine the “Overall Performance Score”?
(Bagaimana cara Anda menentukan “Overall Performance Score”?)

10. Why, do you think, is the Syndrome 9 “Problem Areas” score not included in the “Overall Performance Score”?
(Menurut Anda mengapa skor syndrome 9 “Problem Areas” tidak termasuk dalam “Overall Performance Score”?)